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Interior Design Trends 2020


Each year comes with new interior trends, and the ones for 2020 are shaping up to be some of the best yet. We take a look at how you can incorporate the hottest trends into your interior design this year!

Throughout the year, we’ll go more into depth about each trend and the best ways for you to incorporate the styles into your interior. Keep an eye on our blog for all the tips and tricks and allow yourself to get inspired! 

Strip It Back With Structured Simplicity

Rooting from the Nordic trend of 2019, structured simplicity is all about embracing a stripped-back style which focuses on being stylish yet cosy. Rather than being minimalistic, the Scandi style encourages you to find items which are of high-quality rather than opting for a cheap alternative.

To encompass the style, use neutral tones such as white, beige and ivory, these allow you to select accessories which have more meaning.

Which Room Is It Best Suited To

Structured simplicity can be incorporated into any room of the home; from the kitchen to the bedroom, but it looks incredible in bathroom interiors. Our Brass bulkheads have been used in the below bathroom décor, they add bundles of character and help to bring the whole interior together.


Our range of IP44 and IP65 lights are the perfect accompaniment for this trend; they’re incredibly stylish yet functional, browse our range and don’t sacrifice style for safety!

Layer Up With Eclectic Glamour

When decorating a room, rarely, the space will only encompass one style or era. Combine eras and styles, and you have yourself eclectic interior. To take it a step further, eclectic glamour is about putting a glamorous twist on two styles or eras, such as thirties elegance and seventies opulence!

The trend is all about making a statement, incorporating many shapes and textures. Pair rough with smooth to add visual interest, such as unique wall art with greenery. Handcrafted with high-quality materials, our lighting is created with a vintage focus, and pairs perfectly with the eclectic glamour aesthetic.

Which Room Is It Best Suited To

Eclectic glam is suited for any room in which you want to make a statement! We’ve suggested incorporating this trend into a room you like to show off, such as the dining or living room.

Be Abstract

Think bold patterns, a combination of textures and blocks of colour, the abstract interior trend is meant to create a mood and evoke emotion. When it comes to incorporating this trend in your home, take a playful approach, use a combination of colours to make a bold statement!

Which Room Is It Best Suited To

This trend can be introduced into any room in which you want to make a statement. Be artistic and let your imagination run wild in any room of the home! We think the trend looks stunning in the living room as it’s a room we tend to show off and spend a lot of time in, therefore, is a room we’ll appreciate more.


Rise of Grandmillennial

House Beautiful stated that those who are in their mid-20s to late-30s and appreciate old interior trends by favouring playful prints, ruffles and embroidery are grandmillennials, or in other words, granny chic!

Transporting us back to the comfort and warmth of our grandparent’s homes, adding bundles of character into a room, the trend is set to become incredibly popular this year.

Bringing back outdated styles and shapes, grandmillennial is about combining retro elements with modern elements. Introduce florals, chintz and kitschy elements into your home for a nostalgic feeling!

Which Room Is It Best Suited To

Like all styles, the grandmillennial style can look great in any room of the home. However, the trend is best paired with bedroom and living room interiors. As the style is about adding warmth and comfort, these are the two rooms in the home we want to emit these feelings.

Why not introduce a modern chandelier in your interior? A variety of our sleek pendants were clustered together in the living room interior below to blend together the love of classic design with a modern twist!


Go Bold With Monochromatic

Add harmony into your home and emit a calming feeling with a monochromatic design. Although monochromatic means one colour, to help add depth and character into a room, you take the base colour and add different tones and shades of the colour.

For a daring take on the trend, why not opt for a bold colour? Emerald green, navy and ruby red all look beautiful when done right, adding personality and luxury.

Ensure to add texture into your monochromatic inspired room to create balance. Throws, pillows and rugs are the ideal way to ensure harmony is achieved.

Which Room Is It Best Suited To

If you’re looking to decorate a small space, monochromatic will work incredibly well as it makes a space look larger. In addition, as mentioned, using only one main colour in a room is incredibly calming, making it the perfect style for the bedroom, a room we rest and recuperate.

The bold navy paired with textures from the plant pots and headboard ensure this bedroom décor is relaxing. Place pendant lights over a side table to not only save space, but the light will bounce off the surfaces to illuminate the room!


Make A Statement With Maximalism

The complete opposite to minimalism, maximalism is about making a bold statement in your interior full of patterns, textures and colour, creating plenty of visual interest.

Max out your interior by layering elements and adding colour, this trend ensures your personality shines, which can sometimes be forgotten about when opting for a minimalistic décor. Mix materials and styles, such as a Copper wall light with statement wallpaper or a Brass pendant with a unique piece of art.

Which Room Is It Best Suited To

Maximalistic interiors allow you to have some fun with your décor! The style works particularly well in the living room and bedroom interiors as we tend to want to showcase our mementoes in these rooms.

Our Sleek range pairs perfectly with the maximalistic trend as the design of the range helps to balance out the busyness of the style. A cluster of our Sleek pendants placed in the bedroom décor below helps to pull the décor together and blend beautifully with the textured wallpaper and bold colours.




Transport To The Woodlands

If only we could be on holiday every day of the year! Unfortunately, this isn’t possible, so the best way is to replicate the feeling of being on holiday is by doing so through your interior design.

Add cosiness and warmth into your interior and create a tranquil abode with the woodland style. Using natural and raw materials are the key to perfecting this trend. Wooden elements, handcrafted lighting and rustic tones are seamless ways to add the style into your interior.

Using natural materials in your interior helps to establish a connection with nature which has many health benefits as well as adding character. Raw materials such as refined Brass and pure Copper, not only look beautiful but they last longer. All of our products here at Industville are handcrafted by skilled artisans with raw materials, to ensure your fixtures last for years to come.

Which Room Is It Best Suited To

The dining room is the perfect place to create a woodland retreat in your home. Introduce wooden tables and chairs, greenery and plenty of natural light. Our Pewter pendant placed above the wooden table in the below dining room interior will ensure the table is well lit for the perfect dining experience!


Go Darker With New Nordic

The Nordics have the most iconic interior styles which stay around for years! This year we’ll see Scandi taking a darker turn, combining cosy and comfortable with darker hues, which will be known as New Nordic. When encompassing New Nordic, think about adding plenty of textures and layers to create a comforting space.

When it comes to the colour palette, choose shades such as deep blue and moody purples. Then add in lighter elements such as wooden furniture, metallic accessories and fluffy furnishings. By having a contrast between the light and dark, you’ll add in character and a warm and welcoming atmosphere!

Which Room Is It Best Suited To

All rooms of the house will work perfectly with New Nordic, but best-suited rooms include the bedroom, dining room and living room. The reason for this is that these rooms are the ones which we tend to spend longer in and enjoy unwinding at the end of a long day.

If you’re in need of more inspiration, follow us on Pinterest and Instagram, where we upload daily. Which is your favourite interior trend this year? Let us know on our socials!

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