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Fern Interiors - Outdoor lighting Survival guide

Choosing from the myriad of lighting form factors and then having to consider the effect of weather on them is enough to make you scream. We have produced this blog as a guide for you to help navigate the choices and ensure you make the right decision and can make use of your outdoor space. We have a wide range of lights within our outdoor collection and we are always available to help.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting, as the name implies, is designed for use outside, or on the exterior of a house/building in an outdoor space. Lights like this are exposed to the elements day and night, therefore Outdoor lights must be IP Rated. Outdoor lighting, especially inbuilt PIR sensors (outdoor motion sensor lights), can be used to enhance security. Exterior lighting isn’t just about security, however. In this outdoor lighting guide, you’ll learn the different types of outdoor light fittings, where to place them in your backyard or garden for maximum aesthetic and security benefits, and the kind of benefits each outdoor light provides. First, we’ll take a tour through the types of outdoor lighting, then we’ll look at where to position your exterior lights for best effect.

Outdoor Light Fittings

There are several types of outdoor light fittings, designed mainly around how they are mounted to surfaces. These IP Rated light fittings not only light the exterior of your house itself but also emphasize architectural detail and lighting entryways and driveways. Outdoor light fittings include outdoor wall lights, outdoor post lights and outdoor hanging lights or ceiling-mounted lights. Free-standing outdoor lamps and outdoor string lights are also available to make your outdoor lighting more entertaining.

Outdoor Wall Lights for Porch or Garage

A popular form of outdoor lighting is to mount a light onto the exterior walls of your home as outdoor house lights. Ideally, you’ll place outdoor lights in key areas close to where you’ll be moving or operating at night, such as porch lights or wall lighting. Exterior wall lights can be placed next to a porch, in front of a garage, at a side door, or on a rear wall depending on how you access and move around the building. You’ll want adequate lighting near any pathway that you’ll need to navigate safely in the dark.

Porch lights

Porch lights are mounted usually either side or at least one side of your main front entrance. These outdoor wall lights are designed to spread light in a local area, outwards and downwards. Outdoor porch lights or outdoor wall lights should be mounted near to shoulder height. This will provide a downward light to help you with your keys etc while keeping the direct glare out of your eyes.

Wall lights

Another popular choice is to position outdoor wall lights either side of a doorway, this will light the entrance and surrounding area to welcome you and any guests to your home. Click here to view our outdoor wall lights

More Exterior House Lighting Ideas

Outdoor wall lights can be positioned at the side of the building and or anywhere around your home exterior that light is needed.

Outdoor motion sensor lights can be a good option for front or rear areas.

These lights are automatically activated when there is a movement of significant objects or people.

Security lights can help to improve the security of your home but also can instantly activate the light when you exit the building, saving you from having to think about turning the lights on and off.

Outdoor Ceiling and Pendant Lights

If your home or business has a porch or ceiling covering part of the outside area, or perhaps a covered patio, then outdoor Pendants lights become an option. These can be used to make a dramatic stylish effect but space needs to be considered.

Outdoor Post & Bollards

The classic lamp post is well recognized as an established form of exterior lighting.

You can position a light post almost anywhere on your property.

Modern outdoor post light fixtures can take make forms, from the classic lamp post style to modern, angular and solar designs.

Typically a post light will radiate light in all directions and therefore are usefully positioned in the middle of an expansive area such as in a yard, in the middle of the front lawn, or near to a driveway.